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2019 Hiking/Outdoor Expeditions


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Lefty Jack
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Saw your post on the introductions as well and was also wondering about any hikers. I am very outdoors oriented and am planning on doing a section hike of Vermont's Long Trail this July, I can't wait. It will be my first real solo backpacking trip so it will be challenging but very rewarding. The plan is to go from Manchester Vt up to Killington or maybe Pittsfield, about 50-60 miles. Might add more miles on depending on weather and research on the route is still ongoing. Good luck on your AT trek! You know what your start date will be? I will be in Maine from March to October roughly so if you find yourself in the area let me know.

On a side note I saw on your intro that you are planning on going the 18X route, I am as well so I would love to pick your brain about your mentality regarding your decision, what you are doing to prepare, and anything else related to it. Feel free to send me a message, I would really appreciate it.
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Ive been doing 50-70km a week carrying a 25kg ALICE on flat packed sand beach for over a year.

Ran a marathon with it last June finishing in 5:45-ish.

So Ive been entirely fitness focused(mental as well, enjoying the solitude of rucking over running) rather than hiking focused.

About the same time, a former runner up Miss NZ I know turned hardcore meat hunter just completed walking the entire length of NZ thru the bush unaided. Quite an achievement.

I dont know if I would ever have the time or desire to do the same, but it did spark an interest in what to try next.

Same with the guy who just complete the first unaided Antarctic crossing by sled.

Im jealous of that fella for not only that record, but the one that goes unmentioned.

He may likely have been the most alone person in history.

That kind of solitude doesnt grow on trees.

The Kokoda Track in PNG has a certain appeal.

Same with one of the two Everest marathons. A few friends have done one.

Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon heavies or the Philippine Bataan ultras as well have an historical appeal and some good people(booked out work wise unfortunately for 2019)

Im not getting any younger. So I need to get my butt into gear.

On my 50th, Im planing on a very early morning 50km, then just chilling out in pain.
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