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Originally Posted by Broadsword2004 View Post
Was it ninja or samurai? My understanding is that ninja were as outlawed as the Okinawan farmers knowing martial arts...?
Samurai were the warrior ruling class of Japan and ruled the Island essentially they were the current dynasty.

Ninja were former Samurai also from the warrior ruling class but a different family who had been ousted.

Ninja were from double sword carrying Samurai ruling warrior class families that since they were not in power were not allowed to be armed on Japan but not outside of it. Since they were born and bred warriors they maintained their warrior skills. Ninja were servant to the Samurai as mercenaries and were sent to maintain order in Japanese territories like Okinawa while the Samurai maintained Japan itself.

IRT to your comment about legitimacy, Karate is legitimate just no so much in the U.S or outside of Okinawa for that matter.

The difference between the Samurai and Ninja was the Samurai were Overt and the Ninja operated covert on Japan itself outside of Japan they continued as warriors do. They weren't farmers they weren't craftsman or writers or religious leaders the Ninja were warrior class through and through.

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Originally Posted by Broadsword2004 View Post
I see. I asked because I had read that the ninja often fought the samurai and were hated by them.
Of course the Samurai in power were NInja before they ousted the Samurai in power. But they still had to exist and offered their services of sabotage, assassination etc...to the Samurai in power so they could eat and survive. Make no mistake the Ninja were always plotting to overthrow the family in power.
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Originally Posted by Rumblyguts View Post
The dojo just changed hands and the new owner-instructor has much more kid-friendly energy. I'm hoping that transfers and will inspire some more spontaneity on her part at home.

There is a difference in different techniques by age level. Example: kids finish a combo with the attacker in an arm lock whereas the adults continue to a choke.

The new owner is more fight oriented and competing in a small, full-contact kick-boxing event today. He's also showing the "why we do it", better sparring advice, and drilling students on basics instead of "running the script" every time even though students are sloppy.

Daughter is more interested in the classes, and that's the good part

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