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Post Extremist Activities

I put this in here because it puts the "finger in the chest" of Unit Commanders...you know "Commanders shall...etc"

DA PAM 600-15 Extremist Activities.

The reality is, it's actually a decent read - finished during a coffee break today.

Need to get updated for the threat from the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic Supremacist organizations, but other than that, it's a great framework from which to operate...complete with a sample counselling form.

Several examples citing the KKK...which isn't an aweful metaphor for this internal challenge. We've faced a similiar (albeit not nearly as large or malignant threat - or well funded) from religious extremists in the past.

Update it. Add jihadi warning signs and we're starting to go down the right road.

Blather on worrying about diversity as a casualty much longer and we're in trouble...

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