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Originally Posted by PRB View Post
Milley went SF simply for the qualification to set him apart from other Infantry types who were all Ranger qualed like himself.
He got a combat diver badge then split.
Some of the folks in my class (6-82) say he was in our class. I don't remember him, thank God. IIRC he did go to 5th then split when the 18 series came out. So I guess he has TM ldr time, not sure how long though.

But anyway...good RIDDANCE
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Originally Posted by cbtengr View Post
Who was responsible for his appointment to that position in the first place? Why did Trump not can him? I liked Trump but he had a real problem with purging his enemies.
1st term is the answer, Trump was intending to wipe the floor with the swamp critters in his 2nd term once his S/A was solid....I think we forget the sheer amount of swamp pressure he was under with insiders, outsiders in the media, Hollywood celebrities, impeachments, Hillary/Comey and smirk man, Congressional D andI Rinos....Milley laid just low enough to not get fired.,.he was just slippery enough to avoid getting flushed. The military and DOJ were up coming IMO
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