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Ronald Shurer II: Medal of Honor


Just saw this in the news today. DOL!

EDIT: sorry I clicked the wrong forum.... meant to put this in MOH forum.
Medicina Bona Locis Malis

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Congrats to him! Well deserved.
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Awesome. FNC has a video of the ceremony here.
"Civil Wars don't start when a few guys hunt down a specific bastard. Civil Wars start when many guys hunt down the nearest bastards."

The coin paid to enforce words on parchment is blood; tyrants will not be stopped with anything less dear. - QP Peregrino
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Congrats Brother this is well deserved.

Continue to fight the good battle and I hope you beat cancer.
Stay strong....
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Old Dog New Trick
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Congrats brother, well deserved!
You only live once; live well. Have no regrets when the end happens!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Sir Edmund Burke)
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tom kelly
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Ronald Shurer II : CMOH.

Gongrats, Well Deserved, Best Wishes to You & your family. Tom Kelly Det.A333 Camp Plei Mrong Vietnam 1964 also an 18Delta.
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