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Dog Pound Zulu
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Did American Special Forces kill 18 Afghan villagers?


Did American Special Forces kill 18 Afghan villagers? Bodies found buried outside U.S. base as human rights group claims military involvement
New allegations that U.S. was complicit in the killings of 18 male villagers in Afghanistan's Nerkh district in 2012/2013
The bodies of 10 villagers were found buried near a U.S. Special Forces base - eight men still missing
Locals claimed killings connected to special forces unit in the district
Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered U.S. forces to leave following protests
Former Afghan interpreter for the U.S. team, Zikria Kandahari, was arrested over the killings
But family of victims claim U.S. forces didn't stop Kandahari.....

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz2juPz01Jj
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This was first reported by Rolling Stones Magazine. http://www.rollingstone.com/feature/...special-forces

Also have SOFREP crew writing about it and all overall FB.

SOFREP The Allegations Against 3rd Special Forces Group.
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The allegation is that an Afghan interpreter named Zakrya Kandahari working with an ODA in Wardak Province had been executing detainees captured by US forces. We’re told that 10 total bodies were then buried near the Forward Operating Base that the ODA worked on. Whether any of these allegations are true is unknown. If true, whether the ODA knew what the interpreter was doing is also unknown.

War crimes are a serious issue, but also an insidious one. They carry the same type of baggage that crimes like rape or pedophilia typically come with. Victims and witnesses may not come forward. People in general don’t want to hear this stuff. Also, just the allegation of such crimes is enough to create a dangerous situation. We should not speculate on what did or did not happen but rather let due process take it’s course. We are told that a CID investigation is underway at Ft. Bragg.

The allegations are grave, but our soldiers are innocent until proven guilty. If they are convicted, then let the punishment fit the crime however, it is not our job to convict them in the court of public opinion.

Whatever the truth, we should proceed with eyes wide open. Allow the justice system to do it’s job, and let the chips fall where they may without letting rumors and speculation paint a narrative over the truth.

Read more: http://sofrep.com/29531/allegations-...#ixzz2juhcsarI
Now that's a damn fine position to take.
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A generic comment....
Do you have any ideas how many time Commanders in WW2 told the "Greatest Generation" to take no prisoners?
That GI's in North Africa used arab civilian men (working, in their fields etc) for target practice.
What were the circumstances....honestly, there were many 'civilian' Afghans I wish we would have killed when 'finding them with open cell phones' near ambush/IED points.
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Wow, I'm infuriated after reading that. Everything about it.

Ongoing investigation... if you have any 1st,2nd,3rd hand information, don't share it.

I agree with SOFREP's stance.
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Murder charges in a war zone? That is like giving out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500. You know if Rolling Stone is on the case, it has to be true....not. Wonder how many careers will be ended over this and whom the admin lackeys Dempsey and Odierno will serve up as a sacrificial lamb.
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Zakrya Kandahari was convicted of murder by the Afghanis two weeks ago which will hopefully end the eyeballing of 3rd for his acts.
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"War crime" is often oxymoronic.
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