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This is a great opportunity for post Detachment or Company Command.
Get a Master's Degree from George Washington University in Legislative Affairs.

One career challenge is timing...it's a 3 year program (one year on Capital Hill, two years working Legislative Liaison)...so it's ideal for a new Major who completes his KD job right out of ILE and has some time before LTC.

I am currently in this program. In the past, we had one Special Forces Officer per year. This next year, we will NOT have any Special Forces Officers in the program.

Here's the problem...if we don't have someone learning how to fight this fight, we lose. [Read "This War really Matters" by George Wilson]

The Services all have health Fellowship programs...with about 100 Fellows on the Hill this year. SOCOM doesn't have a Fellowship program...so it relies on each respective service to provide traning for Special Operations folks...SEALS in the Navy program, etc.

The purpose of this program is three fold:

(1) provide outstanding Officers with strong promotion potential an opportunity to understand and appreciate the importance of the strategic relationships between the Army and Congress;

(2) expose as many Congressional Members and staff to the outstanding quality of Army Officers and help them learn about the Army as an institution through contact with Army Fellows working in their office; and

(3) develop a pool of Officers from which some may be selected for future utilization in the field on Congressional Liaison. Officers looking for a fast paced, exciting and broadening opportunity are encouraged to apply for the Army Congressional Fellowship Program. Commanders and Supervisors are also encouraged to submit their best candidates for this prestigious opportunity.

If you are interested in the program, instructions are below. If you have questions, feel free to send me a note.


1. OVERVIEW The Army Congressional Fellowship Program educates selected Army Officers and Civilians on the importance of the strategic relationship between the Army and the Congress. It is a three-year program which includes pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University, service on the staff of a Member of Congress, and utilization on the Army or Joint Staff in a Legislative Liaison duty position. The program seeks Active, Reserve, and National Guard Officers who have demonstrated outstanding promotion potential, have recent experience in OIF and OEF, and have recently completed successful Company/Battery/Troop Command or equivalent Key Developmental (KD) duties. It is also open to outstanding DA Civilians who will work in a Legislative Liaison duty position in their parent organization.


a. Selection – Human Resources Command (HRC) will conduct a selection board in October 2009 to select 24 Officers and one DA Civilian for the 2011 Army Congressional Fellowship Program.

b. Orientation – Selected Officers and Civilians begin the Fellowship in May 2010 by participating in a HQDA Orientation Program (May to Dec 2010). Fellows are temporarily assigned to the Army Secretariat in support of the Legislative Affairs function. The Orientation program educates Fellows on HQDA operations and the Army’s position on a wide range of issues. All Fellows participate in the orientation, which includes a variety of meetings, seminars, educational readings, and attendance at a one week Force Integration Course. This Orientation is aimed at educating the Fellow on how HQDA, and other DoD agencies operate.

c. Masters’ Degree in Legislative Affairs – The academic portion of the Fellowship begins simultaneously with Orientation in May 2010 with an intensive summer program of study. The George Washington University (GWU) Masters’ in Legislative Affairs program is a rigorous 11 course, one-of-a-kind in the nation, curriculum that exposes students to all aspects of the Congressional experience. Two thirds of the program’s current students are Congressional staff, offering Army Fellows a unique opportunity to network with staffers they’ll be working with on Capitol Hill and during follow-on assignments in the Legislative Liaison arena. Fellows pursue core course study, as well as take National Security process and policy courses, in the Summer and Fall 2010 sessions. Fellows take elective courses in areas of their choosing, pursue independent study opportunities and complete comprehensive exams during the proceeding Spring and Summer 2011 sessions, with the goal of earning the Masters’ Degree in Legislative Affairs by the end of Summer 2011. Most courses are only offered at night.

d. Capitol Hill Experience – In January 2011, Fellows begin their experience on Capitol Hill by serving on the staff of a Member of Congress. Fellows are typically given responsibility for drafting legislation, arranging Congressional hearings, writing speeches and floor statements, and briefing Members of Congress for committee deliberations and floor debate. The Capitol Hill experience ends at the conclusion of the 113th Congress (approximately Dec 2011).

e. Utilization Tour – Immediately following the Fellowship, Officers are assigned to a position in the Washington DC area requiring in-depth knowledge of the operations of Congress for a two-year utilization. These are challenging assignments in which Officers represent the Department of the Army with the United States Congress. Officers typically serve as principal liaison for portfolios valued in the billions of dollars, as well as become experts on a wide range of Army policy issues. Officers gather information, prepare strategies, organize briefings and arrange world-wide Congressional fact finding travel aimed at educating Members and staff on Army programs. Upon completion of the utilization tour, Officers report to Intermediate Level Education (ILE) and then onto operational assignments in their career fields for KD positions. Civilian Fellows return to their position held prior to participating in the Army Congressional Fellowship Program.

3. SERVICE OBLIGATION – All Active, Army Reserve and Army National Guard Fellows incur an Active Duty Service Obligation for participation in this program (IAW Army Regulation 350-100). Civilian Fellows also incur a service obligation (IAW Title 5, United States Code, Section 410.309 and Section 4108).

4. ARMY SELECTION BOARD - The Army Congressional Fellowship Program Selection Board will convene 13-16 October 2009 to select finalists. All packets will be screened by George Washington University to ensure academic eligibility before any results are released. The Chief of Legislative Liaison is the final approval authority for all Fellow selections.


13 October thru 16 October 2009 - SELECTION BOARD CONVENES
09 November 2009 thru 13 November 2009 – GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIV ADMISSION REVIEW


a. This program is designed for Active, Reserve and National Guard Officers coming out of Company/Battery/Troop Command or equivalent KD position, as well as Department of the Army Civilians. The following are the list of eligibility requirements for all military and DA civilians:

(1) Must have extraordinary potential for future military service.

(2) Must have the interpersonal skills and ability to interact and form relationships with individuals with diverse backgrounds.

(3) Official transcripts from all colleges attended must be submitted with board packet.

(4) Must submit a Statement of Purpose explaining reasons for application to the program, as well as two Letters of Recommendation.
[TIP: Recommend at least one General Officer endorsement - more is better]

(5) Must have 3 years availability in career time line for duty in Washington, D.C. Upon completion of the Capitol Hill portion of the program, all officers will complete 2 years in a utilization assignment - there are no curtailment waivers.

(6) Must submit current civilian-style resume with education and work experience with board packet.

(7) Must have successfully completed branch Key Developmental (KD) assignment at current grade (IAW DA PAM 600-3) NLT 1 MAY 10 and must be able to report 3 MAY 10.

(8) Must not be competing for any other Army-sponsored program, fellowship, scholarship or be slated to attend the expanded graduate school program in the same fiscal year.

(9) Must not be pending any adverse actions and must meet Army height and weight standards.

(10) Must have recent deployment experience as part of OIF or OEF.

(11) Officers with a previously earned master’s degree may compete as long as the degree is not in Legislative Affairs, or any other similar discipline. AR 621-1 prohibits earning a fully funded degree in the same discipline.

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