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Security clearance DUI

I had a "Wet reckless" (like a DUI but a lesser charge) 9 years ago and haven't been in trouble since . Im wondering if it will highly impact my chances of getting security clearance to attend SFAS.
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Best bet it to ask a recruiter. Not sure of the rules now.

However, when applying for a security clearance, divulge EVERYTHING...do not lie..

It will be up to the powers to be to grant it. If you lie, you MAY get away with it on the first one, but subsequent investigations for renewal may overturn something not divulged before.....not good..

I've known folks who have done some things you would roll your eyes at, but it was annotated. It's all about giving an adversary or foreign intel svc something to hold over on you for blackmail or whatever. If whatever you've done is out in the open (well, on your security questionnaire)....no surprises...

This does not all pertain just to you, but to all who read this..

good luck
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It'll be a bar to entrance (if you are not already enlisted) more than it will affect your eligibility for a clearance...SO LONG AS YOU DISCLOSE IT. I've seen some whacky stuff come up in investigations and when cross-referenced with the security folks, they didn't have an issue as the cat actually previously disclosed the matter(s).
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There are a few hard disqualifiers but the CAF is looking at the total person.

Be open about it. Don't get any more. Stay away from any and all alcohol related issues which would suggest you have a substance problem.

The charge when combined with other factors in your history may preclude you. If that's the only issue you have, you're probably okay.
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