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How to find out if someone was Special Forces

I am looking to find out if Loyd Paul Singletary 12/23/1946 was in any form in or a Special Forces Member of any kind. I believe Army would be the first place to look. We have found that he does not have a degree from the University of Florida, so we are looking further into his claim about his Military Service. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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Send off

Send off a request for his records - if he has any they will respond.

Well, even if they don't find any records they'll still respond with a letter stating that no records were found.

And if his response is "Of course they couldn't. My records are classified and sealed." then you know he's full of shit.

Oh, by the way, this question has been asked many, many times in a number of ways. Learn to use the search function.
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Also Try 20th Group

The Florida National Guard has a BN of 20th SFG(A). Try the FL. NG HQ. He could have been a member there.
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What are his claims?

With a date of birth of 1946 he is no youngster, and much of his service
-- if any -- would have been back before centralized and computerized
record keeping existed, and that means falling back onto paper records
in the National Archives.

Here is a page on a web site that investigates false claims of military service:


It provides instructions and forms.

You are correct that "the Army" would be the first place to look.

It is the only place to look for members of "The United States Army Special Forces." These are the men who wear the Green Beret. There are other
"Special Operations Forces" in the other branches of service (Navy SEALs for example) and "Special Operations Forces" in the Army (such as Army Rangers),
but there is one and only one United States Army Special Forces.

In fact, that is often a telling indicator of false claims of qualification or experience:

"Yeah, I was an operator for Marine Special Forces and was allowed to
wear the Green Beret by classified orders ...".

Also, if your subject offered a photograph of himself in uniform, such photographs
often give lie to claims of service.
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