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Originally Posted by Joker View Post
Hamas is a Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. Anyone in the US that is supporting or “coordinating” with them, or Hezbollah, should be prosecuted under US law.

Iran funds and directs both DTOs, so the same applies.

The WH and DoS should be held accountable.

I'm in total agreement with this statement. Look what's happening now in the US with all the politicians picking the side of Terrorists. Same with the college students, and professors it's disgusting. Head on a swivel these days for sure, it's maddening.
“Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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This isn't about terrorists - its about Islamophobia and Anti-semitic white extremism.

c'mon man
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Originally Posted by Box View Post
This isn't about terrorists - its about Islamophobia and Anti-semitic white extremism.

c'mon man
Thank you, Comrade Box! Important observations! Inshallah
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Seems accurate to me…. any thoughts?
Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. - John Adams
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Looking for insights regarding this 4 day truce:

I'm not sure I understand what Hamas gains from it. Seems likely that the big targets that could, fled south early on. The known escape routes have probably been cut off by the IDF before Israel would agree to the truce.

Maybe a chance to promote some unlucky bastards to rank of tunnel Commander?

I read the hostages were freed on the Egyptian border. I would think Israel would have negotiated for hostages in the north first. Odd.

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A FOGs Guesses..

1)There are no volunteers for tunnel commander and the hamas rank and file thru head puba know their ass is weak.

2)Iran sent a message, we send all you need or will get, drop 10, and punt

3)The other middle east players have turned their backs to the hamas cries of woo.

3)The IDF has a good game going and it's only a matter of time before hamas will be reduced to ketchup stains on the crumbled concrete rubble.

As Levi Conan said: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

ALSO: I think Netanyahu knows if he pushes too hard, 200 live hostages with die in a perceived IDF attack on one of the tunnels with a disproportionately low number of hamas guards. The only thing hamas has is LIVE hostages..
Go raibh tú leathuair ar Neamh sula mbeadh a fhios ag an diabhal go bhfuil tú marbh

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Originally Posted by Last hard class View Post
I read the hostages were freed on the Egyptian border. I would think Israel would have negotiated for hostages in the north first. Odd.
I haven't followed this closely enough. I would assume the Palestinians passed the hostages to the Egyptians, who then passed them to the Israelis, so the Palestinians wouldn't have to deal directly with the Israelis. Or maybe to UN intermediaries on the Egyptian side of the border?
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If this is accurate, the mind boggles at the degree of failure on the intelmside...

Biden didn't win; Epstein didn't kill himself. And nether did McAfee.
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4th GW Trap

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Originally Posted by EricV View Post
If this is accurate, the mind boggles at the degree of failure on the intelmside...


Or maybe it was by design? Some are leaning that direction.


To recap events leading up to Simchat Torah: until the beginning of 2023, the people who mattered in Israel, our establishment, hoped to get rid of Netanyahu through judiciary means. Bibi’s indictment and trial on obviously ridiculous charges moved forward slowly and jerkily, witnesses retracted testimony they claimed to have been coerced, charges fell apart. Mass protests organized and funded by organizations like the Kaplan Force, which had been ramping up since 2019, kicked into gear in early 2023, leading to protestors blocking major highways, attacking visibly religious drivers, shutting down Ben Gurion Airport and in general attempting to paralyze the country.

Many of the more visible organizers had tight links to the security apparatus. For example, former Prime Minister and IDF Chief of Staff Ehud Barak was a prominent leader, and promised that the end result would be the bodies of Jews killed by other Jews floating in the Yarkon River, following which he would be asked to take power. Shikma Bressler, one of the protest organizers, is allegedly married to a senior officer in the Shin Bet. Noa Haliva, another protest leader, is the daughter of General Aharon Haliva, the head of the Aman. Moran Zer Katzenstein, who organized the Handmaid’s Tale protestors is a Shin Bet veteran. Gonen Ben Itzhak, another protest leader, is a Shin Bet veteran.

In short, our grass roots social activists are actually cutouts for the secret police and the army.

Similar to what you've had in the US since November 7, 2016.

When a man dies, if nothing is written, he is soon forgotten.
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"Allies and Partners"

Interesting piece from Redstate, about this growing coalition (some requesting anonymity) that is supposed to secure freedom of navigation. If even half of the assessment is true, diplomatically, this is not looking good. If Egypt, who breathes on revenue from the Suez Canal, doesn't want to be part of any "US-led" anything, well, that probably doesn't portend success. Some interesting numbers of the ships in the mix (ahem, ahem):

The Biden White House's grand idea for an international coalition to protect 10 percent of the world's shipping from the threat posed by a primitive Third World nation seems to be on the verge of a meltdown over the issue of American leadership of the operation. On Friday, I reported that France had withdrawn from Operation Prosperity Guardian, which was to be a US-led multinational coalition with the mission of keeping the Red Sea, and particularly the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, open to international shipping; see Biden's Plan to Safeguard Red Sea Trade From Houthis May Match Afghanistan in Incompetence. Since then, Italy and Spain have announced they will not participate in a US-led operation.
For your convenience, the coalition members not sending ships are in italics.

United Kingdom — The UK will contribute one Type 45 destroyer, HMS Diamond. Four other destroyers are in the theater of operations but will not be a part of Operation Prosperity Guardian.

Bahrain — no one seems quite sure what, if anything, Bahrain is contributing.

Canada — Canada will send three staff officers.

France — The multirole frigate Languedoc will be in the operational area, but it will remain under French command.

Italy — Italy is sending the Bergamini/FREMM class frigate Virginio Fasan "to protect its national interests in response to specific requests made by Italian shipowners."

Netherlands — The Netherlands will send two staff officers.

Norway — Norway will send 10 staff officers.

Seychelles — Seychelles will share information but will not provide physical assets or men.

Spain — Spain will only participate in EU or NATO-led operations. It has not sent ships to the area.

New Members

Greece — Greece is sending one frigate to participate in Operation Prosperity Guardian.

Australia — Australia was asked to contribute naval assets; they are sending 11 staff officers.

Denmark — Denmark is sending one staff officer.
European Union

The European Union announced it would lend a hand.
You can read the whole thing here.
"Civil Wars don't start when a few guys hunt down a specific bastard. Civil Wars start when many guys hunt down the nearest bastards."

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