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Originally Posted by MtnGoat View Post
Well that maybe the reserve component, yet on the active side we don't have many native speakers. Yet even with native speakers how many do you have? Yes he can check his SM network feeds or pages, etc. But how many in a day. Just like with any kind of intelligence disciplines, Its about the differences in Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination.

SM is OSINT and Open Source is anything overtly, legally gathered that is published both traditional and electronic. So no matter how many of the collection tools, analytical processes and objectives there are. I feel you still have look the same way as other disciplines and vary for tactical, operational and strategic uses. Human factor or not. Critical elements in SM include the human terrain and contextual aspects of available information collected from online sources. Emerging technology has opened the aperture on what is knowable and enables planners for preparation of operations.

The SAS are IMO the master of how to properly execute a COIN operation. From the secret war to rhodesian SAS, they all get it and have the freedom to operate.
IIRC in a briefing, AWG and USASEID are doing some form of this already. I always wish there are more collaboration among folks belonging to the same side. This is old news, but DHS surely has much to share on this topic too! http://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/01/we...hs-agents.html

I concur with the native speaker challenges. There were much discussion some years back here about regional misalignment with the SF pipeline, changes to language at the end, etc. When you have an ethnic oriental with high DLAB assigned French, it makes one wonder. The mismanagement of plenty MAVNI personnel assigned to USASOC is another wonder. It seems those assigned to Lewis are handled more properly. In my limited observation, the same with active CA too. Hell, I did not get to go to where I could make most difference despite native language and cultural proficiency.

Originally Posted by Trapper John View Post
Me too and I am learning here! I wonder if we could expand this a bit and hold a little practicum for those who want to participate. What I am thinking is a project could be assigned, the class participants could open a Twitter account (for example) under a pseudonym, engage a target audience, and let the game begin. Report back in 30 days with what is learned. Not only would that be fun, we might see a few surprises too. MtnGoat, Penn, and Brush Okie could be the mentors if willing.
That surely would be fun! I am still waiting for Demosthenes and Locke I've met a few "Valentine's" that I'm most certain could have pulled it off. Thank goodness for teenage distraction these days lol
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