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While I believe the current socialist/muslim administration has the Department of Homeland Security , the DOJ, FBI, IRS, EPA etc. in their pocket by placing incompetent and spineless individuals in leadership roles, (who will say and do anything barry soetoro asks them to do like change, omit, delete the facts in an islamic terrorism attack), barry soetoro does not control the military.
I am sorry but I would have to disagree with you. Barry most certainly DOES control the military.
Submitted for review: the last 7 years of cultural change championed by the CINC. From the repeal of DADT, to the expansion of women in direct combat roles, to the appointment of a Secretary of the Army that is quite vocal in his support of allowing transgender service members to serve openly.
...the deafening silence of senior military leaders speaking out publicly against social experimentation using the military as a petri dish signals to me that the POTUS is very MUCH in control of the military. Hell we even published some YouTube videos to explain why we were not even going to ASK for an exception to the women in service policy.

It only takes a brief look at the willingness of retirees like Clark, McChrystal, Petraeus, and others to jump on the anti-gun bandwagon before I start to think...
...even that republican Secretary of State that only seems to vote democrat paints a picture of senior leaders that are worried more about politics than the freedom of the people in his charge.
"yes, United States Military leaders ARE starting to act like a bit the South American military"

US militicians have been polishing their act for a generation now. I am afraid it will be hard for someone to convince me that the POTUS is NOT firmly in control of the military.

Just my two cents... I could be wrong.
Opinions stated in this post are solely those of the author, and in no way reflect the opinions or policies of The Department of Defense, The United States Army, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The Screen Actors Guild, The Boy Scouts, The Good, The Bad, or The Ugly. These opinions are provided purely as overly sarcastic social commentary and are not meant to be used for mission planning or navigation.

"Make sure your own mask is secure before assisting others"
-Airplane Safety Briefing
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