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RST 88D5 U61 ???

RST 88D5 U61

What is it?

Because of current situations with home life... My current option is joining the Army National Guard, or Army Reserve...

Army National Guard, I hope/plan on enlisting as an 11B in an HHC nearby... But talking to some other 11Bs in a neighboring unit, they say I wont be able to get a slot in the HHC, and instead, because I qualify for a TS, I'll have to take an assignment to RST 88D5 U61, which address in unknown, and where/what kind of unit it is is unknown, and because I'd be an 11B10, and have to take a slot with them, I'll have to go through some flight crew training, and some other training stuff at Buckley and in Spokane...


What is it? And why would one have to have a TS for it?

If this is OPSEC or anything like that, I GREATLY apologize, and am completely unaware, if it is, please erase this thread...

But I just don't understand what RST 88D5 U61 even is, or where it is... Or why an 11B10 assigned to it, would have to go through so many follow on schools just to make assignment to it...

From what I gather from one of the 11B's if I get assignment to it, I'd be working with 1/19th for something, (which is why I'm asking you guys, is because I've been told RST 88D5 U61 works with 19th SFG...)

I don't understand...

If anyone can shed some light on this, or if I'm just being BSed, please say what you can....

I'm very, deeply confused as to what RST 88D5 U61 is... Or even WHERE it is....

If this is OPSEC I'm greatly sorry, and I did not know... (Because I'm civilian, and was told about it...)
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Go talk to a recruiter. That will solve the problem.
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Chris Cram
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Originally Posted by Draco771 View Post
8 Mile Run 3 hours - Day 3
Now this would be with a full ruck?
Barring some existing knee/ankle/foot condition... you should be able to walk 4 mph and shuffle a little faster.

Good luck.
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Chris Cram, actually that's a typo... 8 miles in 1 hour, 20 minutes is my goal...

Kyobanim, I have spoken with a recruiter, but the recruiter has no idea so far... Still waiting on a reply...

But thank you, I appreciate all assistance etc.

I got the answer to it yesterday...

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