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A brief history of the program.

YEP I got this from you know where.

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Interesting time

That was an interesting time to be in SF. When the info on the program, requirements and possible classes came down a bunch of E-6/7s in SF had a big choice to make.

I remember standing in the hallway of our old company building on Smoke Bomb Hill and talking with George T. C. My goal was to become a Team Sergeant and then a Company Sergeant Major before retirement. He had chewed on it a while but wanted something else. He picked the WO program and was in one of the first, may have been the first class.

I still think I had the better deal but he may argue.
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Great article by COL Crerar.

I had no idea that he was recalled for that.

Thanks for posting it.

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Originally Posted by The Reaper
Great article by COL Crerar.

I had no idea that he was recalled for that.

Thanks for posting it.

Actually it gets a little more interesting than that. I was at Devens when Scotty Crerar was "recalled". As I recall the situation he had retired as a LTC and had an appeal of his non-selection to COL being looked at. Seems to me he got that overturned, picked up several years in grade and back pay and actually out-ranked Dick Potter who was the Group CDR at the time. I think the rules for retirement off the AD list at that time required at least 3 years AD time in the grade, so the recall/retention sort of went hand and hand.
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That was a good article. I may send in a packet. Tired of medicine until it matters again.
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180A...this stuff sells itself.

So I won't need to recruit you
Good luck with your packet.
Any questions PM me.
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