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Job Search Help

A client of mine has a son who served in an Israeli SOF unit and has been doing OCONUS contractor jobs similar to what a lot of you guys do after getting out. He's trying to transition to a job in the United States that would be more stable for him. He has applied to a lot of federal jobs and is almost universally getting rejections.

Any suggestions for websites or organizations he can access for help with resume/federal profile setup and that sort of thing? Tips on where to look for opportunities also would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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The Reaper
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Has he tried USAJobs?
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Is he a Sabra, or did he make aliyah?

If he is an Israeli citizen, he will have a hard time getting US Government jobs that require a security clearance.
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Just curious, is that equally true for Muslims?
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Thanks everyone. I don't know the kid or the answers to these questions, but based on my knowledge about his father I am assuming he is a dual citizen who grew up in the US, made aliyah, and wants to return. He's doing US embassy security right now in a third-world country so I'm guessing it's not a clearance problem (not that I would know the requirements).

Sounds like he has applied for a lot of federal jobs with no luck lately, and he's looking for some help with how to present himself. Like a career counselor type. I would know where to send him if he were SF or at least US military, but not sure what organizations might be willing to help someone in his situation. Trying to do a favor for his father.
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Being rejected for Federal jobs is par for the course. Hell, even low-level GS7 positions are highly competitive half the time.

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