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I wonder why things us guys say....often leads to...the last shit we took, the last chow we grubbed....or the last we were with???

Or in extreme cases...who's got the biggest johnson??

Anyway, I gotta wanka/johnson story myself.

We were in Ore grande (Orafice Grande to be exact) that wonderful DTP 5th used to do..and we had this RGR Regt guy in the Co that I had gone through the "Q" course with. On the redeploy back to bragg, we were on a 130/141...I forget which....he yanks out his wanka and starts strokin mind you...we also had a female crew chief/loadmaster...didn't seem to bother her one bit....but I did notice she took and extra glance or two...or three....

Obviously...he was quite "fond" of his junk...

Everyone took cover, we though it was gonna "explode"

Same guy..on the same trip, rousted anyone that was around in the barracks to go take a look at his shit....damn thing wrapped around the commode...we're all like WTF...OVER???

He says...." rest rings" that a good thing??

Anyway....he was a character...also a stud. On our 12 miler in PHIII we had a LT that wimped out, and he carried his and the LT's ruck for probably the last 5 mi....he wouldn't give to anybody to take turns..
Out of all the places I've been, this is one of'em....
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