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"Hard landing"

V-22 Osprey Suffers ‘Hard Landing’ in Syria, Two Service Members Injured


Man, choppers weren't that bad after all. Never have liked those Ospreys.
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Yep...we should have airplanes and helicopters...never should the two merge and mutate into what mutant aircraft like that.

Prayers out for the wounded!
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Originally Posted by Pete View Post
Man, choppers weren't that bad after all. Never have liked those Ospreys.
Agree; from this pilot's perspective they give me the creeps. Create lift, or beat the air into submission, one or t'other. This gender-identity stuff has to stop.
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Helo's can autorotate, tiltrotors can't. Fixed wings need ground effect to cushion the landing. Rotating the wings down, if there is even time, puts the prop/rotors in a position to hit first and cause drag and forward pith even though they are meant to splinter. My electrician was a helicopter mechanic in the Marines when the V-22 came online and he was warned to stay away from them.

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Yemen raid

We lost one to a similar incident during the Yemen Raid...

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