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Land nav. Looking for helpful tips

im looking for good writing markers to write on my map case with (plot points, label key terrain features, roads). Preferably ones that standout with red lens. We had a land nav course and it rained on us. the markers I used would easily erase when touched by water. I started writing on the map itself (pencil) but erasing it later affected the map with rips or erasing contour lines. Any tips on that would help.

Things I've learned : 1.aim small miss small. Try to have a check point every 400-600 meters when moving multiple klicks away.
2. Handrail roads if possible.
3. Keep a pace count.
4. Always be topped off on water
5. Label things on the map (water points, boundaries, anything that would help to distinguish where you're at)
6. Orienting your map. When you feel a little confused, Align yourself north with the map and go from there.
7. Foot care. Take time to take care of your feet before you head out.
8. Draw monsters are real. Anytime your heading down hill, most likely there is gonna be a draw near. Make sure your equipment is SECURED. I avoided the draws but got a little lost going around them. I had trouble seeing the Contour lines on my map (especiallyat night with red lens). I probably should of traces them with pencil, but didnt. I know if Streams are labeled on a map there's a draw there. I just need to improve on Identify where I am, when handrailing the draw.
9. Pay attention to detail. Cadre puts out information for a reason. (Certain things must be written on your score card)
10. Have a good map case. (Water proof), also maybe use a rubber band to tie your map to a peace of card board (MRE box) so it can stay flat and you can write on it or bring a small clip board if thats allowed.

There's probably more, but that's all I can think of right now. Thank you for your time. Any tips on anything would be appreciated. I didn't do too well on one iteration. But learned a lot. My point was in or near a draw. And I couldn't find it (day time).

I feel like I learned what to do and what not to do. Thank you for your time.
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