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Originally Posted by PRB View Post
I'd do that but outdoor/barn cats don't survive here....coyotes or horned owls will get neighbor went thru 3 from the pound in 6 weeks, gave up.
California coyotes must not work well together! From the looks of this map the subspecies we have here is different than the subspecies in Arizona, but from my research, the hunting techniques the coyote species uses are consistent. Must be the terrain, or how reliant the liberal coyotes out here are on their government.

We have coyotes and owls but I've only lost 1 cat to what I assume was coyotes because we had a pack of them who liked to hang out near our old house. We have a problem raccoon at our current house. Got into a fight with our dogs a while back on our deck. The dogs kept him away for a while but he was back a couple nights ago eating our cat food and the damn thing broke the cat bowl in the process.
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