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I realize my opinions on the current state of affairs come off more "hippyish" than I intended. Upon rereading what I wrote I realized the paragraph Stobey quoted would probably draw negative attention. I think some of what I am trying to say is getting lost in translation. In other things I seem to disagree with the general tone here.
However, I have read here for a long time and have tremendous respect for the people who post. I really don't want to be an interruption or wear out my welcome. I will answer the questions Stobey asked. But if I am out of line please let me know and I will keep quiet.

Originally Posted by Stobey View Post
Why do some people automatically assume that other people, who realize that they are fighting for their culture and the future of their children and grand-children, are "Nazis"?

And as for non-muzlims (sic - on purpose) being suspicious of muzlims... they have good reason to be. Listed below are some good reasons why. But before you get to the list, I will put you a question:

I have a delicious large-size bag of M&Ms here. But I must warn you that, out of that bag of several thousand delicious pieces of candy, there are anywhere from 50 to 100 of them that are poisoned with a deadly poison that will kill you. Neither you or I know which ones have been poisoned because they look like all of the other ones. Now I ask you, how many of those M&Ms are you going to eat? Or are you, like anyone with a brain in his/her head, simply going to throw the entire bag in the trash and not take the chance with sudden death?

And don’t tell me that my metaphor is not accurate. It is exactly the same as the risks taken on by ANY non-muzlim (sic – on purpose) country that takes in hordes of muzlims as “immigrants”, “refugees”, or what have you.
I was not assuming the people you refer to as Nazis. I was talking about the average Neonazi who self identifies as such and torches refugee housing or gets together in groups and chases random foreigners.
However the people that are fighting for our culture and future have plenty of opportunities to do so within our laws and through democratic procedures.

I agree with you that we have reason to be suspicious of muslims. I also agree with the two intelligence analists on the German Salafists thread that Divemaster posted. Treating all of them like terrorist will push more towards extremism.

Now the M&M analogy...
I understand what you are trying to say. However there is no option to throw these M&Ms in the trash. You can disagree with accepting the bag of M&Ms in the first place, but now you have them. Your only option is to give them to your neighbors, who you are not trying to poison, or pay someone to keep them for you. And it appears the only person willing to hold any of them is turning into an extremely unreliable business partner who can not only go back on the deal at any given time, but can chose to send you and your neighbors countless new bags of M&Ms.
So I answer your questions I would not eat one, but I believe since I ended up with them, I have to take responsibility for them. So I dedicate the resources necessary to thoroughly test them. And find the poisonous ones.
I even agree that I will have a queasy feeling about the rest of them.
The lesson I will learn is to keep them out of my house from the beginning.

The Salafism text also gives numbers on how many red flags were raised about possibly extremist refugees, I think it was about 400, 40 of those were followed up so far... That to me is pretty much knowing which ones are poisonous and leaving them in there anyway. That to me is another scandal.

Your list was an interesting read I will keep for referencing
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