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Originally Posted by Box View Post
-To the contrary, the left is inside the 5 yard line and they are just waiting to give the ball to Refrigerator Perry so he can literally trample a Patriot on his way into the end zone.
A thing of beauty. On super bowl week no less.

Originally Posted by Box View Post
Just for the trivial curiosity of it - I challenge folks to learn about "end of history" theory. It will help explain some of the twists and turns with the current GLOBAL sociopolitical landscape.
Kid had that assigned in College. Side bar: If your kids goes to school you need to spend a lot of time deprogramming them. If they haven't called you a racist, Boomer, Insensitive a-hole then you are not doing it enough.

In response to Fuckya:

There will always be another "Po-Po" (AKA Pol Pot). There will always be someone telling you to wear a mask. Just because they can. There will never, ever, ever, be economic equality in this world. Human nature will not allow it. And therefore there will always be strife. You have something I want. Give it to me or I'm going to take it from you. Works on all levels. Technolgy may allow warfare to assume different forms in the future, but the goals will be the same. His sum of all before me philosophy is built on quick sand. Marx was a tool. Someone who didn't want to work.

{Side bar 2: Reminds me there is another topic worthy of a long thread that I have not posted for various reasons. But it's a sub reddit and starts with "Aunty". Spend an hour of downtime there and you will seriously think about the end of history as we know it.}

F's ideas only come to fruition if we no longer have any testosterone in our systems, have developed a free energy source and robots determine they actually only want to do all the work for us.

In summation: France can suck it.

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