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Originally Posted by BlackDragon0311 View Post
I read world war z awhile ago, and had read the zombie survival guide too, max brooks is a outstanding author. Heard that brad pitt's productions company bought the movie rights to make world war z a movie, cant wait to see that! remember, everyone should read these books, because its not the terrorists we should worry about, zombies are our greatest threat :P

If I aspired to be a SF soldier, I might consider stepping up from the Star Wars and zombie survival guides to something a bit more cerebral and useful in the current wars we are fighting.

The books you have listed tend toward the sensational/political, rather than the solid historical and analytical material that will serve you well in understanding the subjects you will need to for a UW/FID career in SF.

You can read the trash for entertainment, but until I had mastered the basics, I would not mention it here.

You might look through the Library threads to see what serious people are reading.

Best of luck.

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