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Originally Posted by glebo View Post
Well, I can't answer all of your question. But when I went through in '82 I was a 63B (wheeled vehicle mechanic) and re-enlisted under the BEAR program.

I had to go down to Ft Gordon to get reclassed as an 05B before going through the Q course.

Several other folks were in the same position as I was.

It has changed through out the yrs, as others have commented, there is good free samples essay service but you had to be one of the MOS's they had on tms 05B radio operator, 31V (can't remember that duty descri), 91B Medic, 12B Engineer, 11B/11C Infantryman.

Once completing the Q course, we got our "S" identifier. 05BS3

Now I do remember some "soft skill" folks also, there were some 74 series guys from Sig Co 7th and 5th that went through and reclassed. But I think that only happened for a few classes though...
Which folks you mean exactly? It's interesting to find out
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