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Yeah but "Texas Reloaded" was such an awesome campaign video. Producing an awesome video that incorporates guns and skydiving put the protagonist above reproach. I stand by my earlier statement that his "Reloaded" campaign videos were the stuff freedom boners are made out of.
As a result, we may no longer be allowed to be critical of his performance.

How dare a 10 old kid challenge the worldliness of a former Navy SEAL !!
She should have been in a 5th grade Civics class, dutifully wearing her COVID mask.

Food for thought - I say it all the time - "It's easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they've been fooled"
-Is it at all possible that THIS is NOT JUST a case of "how quick we turn on our favorite politicians"
-Is it at all possible that maybe some people were fooled by a freedom-boner-inducing campaign video that painted a moderate as being far more conservative than he really is?

We just spent four years being told "Donald Trump fooled us all" - all the while many of us refused to accept such a condition as the slightest possibility. Now, the folks that were incorrectly labeled as "fooled" by Donald Trump cannot understand how easy it was for 81 million ballots to be fooled into the ballot box in support of resident Biden. Is Joe Biden fooling anybody? Did Donald Trump fool anybody?

Are we not entertained?

What really happened was a politician was put on the spot by a 10 year old that was almost certainly fed that question by an adult. Regardless, the politician got snippy and shot back at a ten year old girl. Shame on him - because girls are equal and are supposed to be treated more equally than if a smart-assed ten year old boy had done the same thing.

Well, I am going to make my first campaign promise as I officially announce my candidacy for the position as Supreme Dark Overlord of the Known Universe:
-If I am ever challenged in public by a 10 year old child about my faith, based on a quote from a podcast, I will treat the situation the way I would engage ANY 10 year old child asking about God, Jesus, Satan, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Bugs Bunny, or even Playboy Bunnies for that matter.

If you DONT know what that situation looks like - then you have clearly NEVER dealt with an inquisitive and confrontational 10 year old. I on the other hand have 3 grown children that STILL ask me why when I give them an easy task. They still challenge my knowledge and intellect even when I tell them things like 'the sky is blue, water is wet, the sun will eventually exhaust its supply of hydrogen and collapse in on itself' and these were the same kids that believed my stories about Santa Clause.

Did I lie to my kids about Santa Clause?
Fuck yes.
Would I lie to some random 10 year old child about Santa Clause?
Damn right I would.

I make this oath as I ask for your vote to install me as the Supreme Dark Overlord of the Known Universe:
-I will never be dragged into a pissing match with a 10 year old child when the discussion simultaneously involves both Jesus and Superman. If they continue to press, I will ask them which super hero they think I should have used as an example so as not to offend anyone since some of my constituents don't believe in Jesus, but still think pro-wrestling is real.

Later - beyond the view of the cameras, I will give a 12 year old a bag of jelly beans and a new X-Box to kick that little bitches ass...
...and you can take that to the bank.
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