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Originally Posted by Remington Raidr View Post
the chattering classes are attacking him for selling out. Who knows what?
I don't follow Crenshaw, but from the little I have read and heard he is getting hammered for his lack of support/knowledge of the Jan. 6 protestors in the DC Gulag. So it would appear that he has Ted Cruz'd himself in regards to the Jan 6th festivities and has yet to put on a performance to redeem himself.

One snippet on Revolver News this morning was a tweet

A constituent asks
what he has done to help Jan 6 prisoners being held in jail without due process.

He says he can't do anything because he has no power.

*gets booed*

Crowd yells: "why do we need you?"
Yesterday Glenn Beck mentions that Crenshaw light up a 12 year old girl about something, here's what he was talking about..

The past 2-3 years have highlighted the massive scale of ineptitude that runs and continues to ruin this country....Why do we need you is a good question for all politicians.
When a man dies, if nothing is written, he is soon forgotten.

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