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ALL politicians are essentially sell outs the minute they organize their first fundraiser...

That being said, it does seem VERY disappointing that a guy who entered the fray almost solely on the weight of his combat veteran status would so zealously and unapologetically adopt a love for red flag laws...

Video ads are awesome. BRC has proven that - BRC also donates a portion of the money generated by those awesome videos to democratic politicians and causes that are anti gun at best and power hungry antigunners at worst.

Does it matter?
Everone has to be their own judge. If you don't vote for the "sell out" with the cool campaign videos that leans right who are you going to vote for?
Maybe the intersectional radical leftist that proudly espouses the concept of a marxist landscape while vowing to rob you of your consitutional rights at the first opportunity?

Personally - when faced with a choice - I'll always vote for the politician that makes cool ewetoob videos to show his 'right side' only to vote with his center upon taking office.
I'll vote to reelect them too.
It's either that or put a neon haired, septum pierced, intersectional radical leftist that keeps trying to make you drink a cup full of grape flavor-aid that has a faint bitter almond smell to it.

When you advertise one thing and deliver another - people are going to have something to say about it - even if you do post awesome videos full of guns and skydiving.

...he needs to work on his fucking technique though - sloppy exits and he tracks like a lung shot buffalo.
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