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A year or so ago this was an option, I do not know if the NG has maintained manpower at Ft Benning to continue the program.

Smoke the APFT and do the best you can in everything else. If the NG is still doing it and you meet the standards, you'll know.

Since PA doesn't have SF structure, somewhere in this process you would have to IST (interstate transfer) to a state that has SF (OH or WV for example).

If not an option for you at Ft Benning, then go back to PA get some experience as an 11B then contact one of the SF units in a neighboring state and get to selection through them.

In most cases you won't IST until AFTER you have passed selection, however if your State is difficult to work with (I can't remember specifics about PA), you may have to IST to a unit in the other state before.

One thing to remember is that your unit/State cannot stop you from IST ing. Don't let anyone tell you differently. The gaining State / Unit will help you navigate this process.

good luck.
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