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Originally Posted by abc_123 View Post

I was at a dinner held there and attended by Dostum at the head table. Lots of conventional force American and NATO military officers there.. all jockeying for spots closest to the head table.

I (a lower ranking officer) was seated midway down the table. After a bunch of pre-dinner bullshit and a bunch of talking , I remember Dostum leaning and pointing at me, the only american with a beard and wearing a 9mm pistol on his belt (the rest grounded all their weapons... what officer isn't with his pistol???) and locking eyes in recognition. (not of me but of the fact that he knew that I was SF). I gave him a nod and a hand gesture. He nodded back. After that i was approached that I should move up closer to the head table. I said no. And so I sat, midway down the table happily eating my goat meat and naan with everyone who noticed (both Afghan and American to include Dostum) , wondering what connections that I had and what power I had to influence events.

Cool times that are insignificant in the larger picture.
I love the little moments like these, Ive had a few similar ones over the years.
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