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Originally Posted by PSM View Post
I've been at war with a pack rat that has built a nest under our wood pile. I've lost every engagement so far. I don't know how big it is because my game cam wakes too slowly to catch it. So, last night I put out a large trap and a small trap. The damn rat ate the bait on the large one without tripping it and STOLE the small one.

Yeah, they are bad this year. I've had them eat bait out of a hair trigger rat quick are they, there was one finger in the trap.
I sometimes (away from the house because of dogs/dead PR bodies) use a poison cube that is secured in a plastic box...locks shut with a hole large enough for PR's.
Works great but you don't want a poisoned PR in the yard for your dog I'm thinking.
I've a few nice car rewiring bills from the little bastards.
BTW, if you get rid of the PR get rid of the smell (urine/feces) as it attracts other PR's...I use undiluted pinesol spray...
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