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radios used at Albrook, AFB

This is an old thread and Ive been radio silent for a minute. At SFOB 07 we had in the upstairs coms center we had , PSC-3 WITH KY-57 and KL-43C. I was parked out in the front of the hangar with my RTT rig. It had an AN/GRC 106 , KW-7, UGC - 74 and a TT-76. The 106 was a power house for the day and was awsome for HF. 2 nd BN in Rio Hato had the same setup but was stuck with SGM. Bone. LOL . The ODA's had the general HF and FM radios. (AN-PRC-70 and PRC-77 along with KL-43) Its been awhile so feel free. It was interesting to say the least. The post conflict pool party at Albrook was definitely the best. Lots of great people to say the least.
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