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Originally Posted by RCummings View Post
A question was asked about what equipment was used during the Panama 1980's job. The purpose is to make a historical recreation. The source is a HAM radio operator.

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I know what we jumped in with while I was in the 82d as a RTO for 1/504th PIR

I jumped the PSC-3 Satcom radio, Another commo guy in the stick from the BN jumped in a PRC-104 HF Radio with KL-43, All the line companies had and the Battalion also had PRC-77's and AN/PRC-126s with a few RTO attachments if the Company was long range and out of PRC-77 range they had PRC-104 HF mainly. (we used the hell out of the KL-43 we had with us also if you want accuracy for historical purpose)

We even had a team with a hatch mounted Antenna and a highly amplified PSC-3 radio on the C-141 to talk in flight to the other birds and the rangers on the ground. Back in that day we only had two military satellites to use in the southern hemisphere.

it was hit and miss depending on the time of day it and was a pain in the ass to hit. HF was much more reliable long range combo paired with the KL-43.
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