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I couldn't watch this.
We have come to far with individual civil rights in this country for me to comfortably watch white men hit, slap, hockey stick, boulder and side kick a black robot while its just trying to do its job. #RobotsHaveRights #R2D2MeToo #DownWithThePatriarchy
Did you see them pointing and snickering? Flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct. Where's the flag ref?

JJ_BPK - This topic has come up recently. Apparently ABC took some footage from a night shoot at Knob Creek and 'mistakingly' used it as a backdrop during a piece on the violence in the Syria/Turkey conflict.

Fortunately CNN was able to identify the 'mistake' and clarify that it was a 'mistake' and not a brazen attempt by ABC to purposely misrepresent actual video footage of the conflict. I'm so glad that CNN and ABC both display journalistic integrity by making the 'mistake' known and further clarifying that it was not fake news and simply a 'mistake'.

At least ABC fessed up to the mistake
The NYT's Mike McIntire made an important point on Twitter about "the difference between journalistic mistakes and fake news." Here's what he wrote, in italics:
1. It actually IS a mistake and not willful propaganda
2. It's acknowledged and corrected
3. Partisan opportunists seize on it anyway to claim bias
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