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Originally Posted by TOMAHAWK9521 View Post
Successful follow-up. Armed with the knowledge/facts that his recruiter was talking out of his ass, the young lad in question pressed for the 18X contract and persevered. My presence wasn’t required, which was good considering I was still laid up from a partial knee replacement and was not only unable to drive, but couldn’t endure riding in a vehicle for much more than 30 minutes. He got his contract locked in and was sworn in a couple weeks ago. . He’ll be on his way in January.
This is good news indeed. And wishing you well in your recovery. This gettin' old stuff sucks; I feel like an out-of-production tube in a transistor world sometimes.
Anyway, Happy Trails with the knee!
The upside is, nobody is getting hurt feelings from mean tweets. This disappoints therapy puppies.

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