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I checked with the training and readiness group at HQ/5/19 and they said it was news to them. And a colleague I served with for many years checked with the recruiters near him to see if the average army recruiter was putting out the same information and it was a very clear, “NO. The 18X program is still very much alive.”
I reached out to the kid in question and passed the information on to him. He has taken me up on the offer to accompany him to said recruiter to press his desire to join SF.

IMOO, unless one has been drafted or until they raise their hand, the needs of the army/quota of the recruiter are subordinate to the path or goals of the individual. That may be a jacked up way of looking at things but I don’t agree with the military dictating one’s desired career choice other than what they want prior to signing up, provided one possesses the prerequisites (GT Score, fitness, etc) to pursue that career.
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