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NC State Paramedic

In December of 2020, NC passed a law making it much easier to servicemembers and family members to get certified in NC.

All you have to do is and they have information about how to apply as well as the link to apply. I provided a recent SOCMSSC cert and my 4187 from when I graduated the course (we did not get individual SOCM certs back then, I think most after 2003 now do). If you have not been in NC or are out of state, you need to provide a fingerprint form as well as $15.

I received my paramedic certification back a week after applying. This makes it substantially easier than the GA process. Am about to go on Terminal leave and there are a bunch of Paramedic jobs available such as Cruise ship, Tactical EMS, NY ER, etc which are very high paying right now.
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