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This isn't the beginning of anything - this movement started decades ago. The assault has been building for generations with little to no resistance at all. The idea that we are all too sophisticated to fall for it has always been nothing more than an out loud way for people to hide their heads in the sand because the bread and circuses were free and entertaining. What you are watching play out is not the beginning of anything - it is a political end game.

Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die - he admitted it and went on to become 'The Lion of the Senate'
John Brennan was a communist sympathizer and he climbed to the very top of the US Intelligence Community.
James Comey ADMITTED that he leaked information hoping it would be used to trigger an investigation
Joe Biden was on video bragging about how he bullied a Ukrainian into firing a prosecutor through the promise of financial aid
...and nobody seemed to notice - nobody seemed to care

Republicans are looking at a chessboard and all they have left is their king, supported by a few pawns and that stupid horse. While the democrats have a queen and both castles of government.
...all the while, nobody seems to object that the leftist media keeps putting pawns back on the board to help the democrats

No sir - this is the very OPPOSITE of the beginning and people need to come to grips with it.

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