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Originally Posted by Razor
...such as calling the 18C the team S-4, as he's often responsible for keeping track of team equipment and supplies, as well as 'procurement'.
any good 18C (or 12B3/4S in my day) could pick a master lock, had bolt cutters if he couldn't, or could use an e-tool to break same lock, should he be short of equipment...the object was not always to 'steal' property, but rather to convert property...usually, someone had stuff everybody else needed (ski wax, floor wax, cleaning kits, etc) in my experience, there were some excellent hoarders in SF...and of course, since much of the stuff was either flammable or subject to inspection, things would be stored in the mop racks outside the buildings...of course, you'd be surprised at what might be left lying around motor pools, rigger sheds, arms rooms, supply rooms...often, we considered ourselves as protectors of stuff lying around...hence anything not secured would be 'adopted' by detachment engineers...

'Peterson', in the movie "The Green Berets" was obviously a sucessful engineer...of course, getting caught was not his best move, but never the less folks expected engineers to produce needed stuff from thin air, drawing minimal attention to themselves....

that's why i had one set of fatigues with a Forscom patch and a cap with a 39th Engineer crest...

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