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Dr. Ralph Abraham, Special Forces? What a joke.

What Dr. Ralph Abraham and his political staff fail to realize is how big this "story" is about to become. Soon a local reporter will pick up the story and then it will go national and his Special Forces embellishment and lies will make the headlines.

Yesterday my post was 5 pages back, now if you google Dr. Ralph Abraham & Special Forces you'll see we are just below Dr. Ralph Abraham's political webpage.

Dr. Ralph Abraham I'm not going away, not until your lies and embellishments make the news. Yeah, and I'm sure you're going to say to the public that a "staff member" wrote your bio and that the "years" you spent in Special Forces was only supposed to say 11 months. I also have a picture of you on a political flyer and under that picture it says: "Special Forces".

Dr. Ralph Abraham you were NEVER Special Forces Qualified.

You and David Oh might fool Joe Public but you're BS is not fooling us.
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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