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Originally Posted by IMSgoalie View Post

My name is Ian. I am 28 years old and a resident of rural New Jersey. I am currently finishing my senior year of a BS in applied physics. I am looking for a career that will allow me to use my education creatively to solve problems with actual real world implications, as opposed to the primarily theoretical work most physics majors end up doing. I would also like to look back in my old age and have a few good stories and an honest belief that I made a A retired army friend suggested I look into OCS, enlisting as a 21B and also Sapper school. When researching those options I discovered the existence of the x-ray program, further investigation of which brought me to this site. Ive been lurking for a few months now, but finally decided to sign up so that I might take advantage the search feature.

When I first came to this site I had questions about equipment, training, possible barriers to entry in my personal history etc. If all I got from this site were the definitive answers from QPs to those questions, it would be a great resource (and in addition to general thanks to QPs I would like to thank TR specifically for all of the stickies, those have been a gold mine). But Ive learned that kit is just kit and most of that info is available elsewhere on the net. The biggest service this site has done for me and one that is exclusive to it, has been to allow me as a civilian guest to read your stories and conversations amongst one another. That has been the best G2 Ive gotten, by far. Thank you all.

I have made up my mind that I would be willing to forgo a higher salary and risk my life, comfort and well being so that I may serve a cause I believe in, one greater than myself. However, I had selfishly neglected to consider the sacrifices that would be required of my immediate and extended family under even the most ideal of circumstances. One QP on this board wrote My kids are growing up without Daddy, largely, and that kills me. Wow, and I was worried about boots. That got me asking smarter questions, quick. I dont want to name the author here, given that its a very personal quote and not presented in context. But if you see this sir, I want you to know that reading of your specific sacrifice made an impact on me and I am grateful. I have also read the stories of ODAs 525 and 3336 as well as Col. Robert Howard among others.

The work QPs do (and conventional military, to those who may read this) not only grants me freedom and safety, but men like Col. Howard provide an example of personal excellence while doing it. That inspiration is not unique to military service. When I read these stories I want to be a better stock clerk, student, brother, a better person. They make me want to be someone whose freedom is worth leaving your wife and children to go defend. That is something that I can and will take with me even if I never set foot in a recruiters office. And if I do, my goal will be similar excellence, be it in a beret or otherwise.

God bless, Ian

P.S. I just proof read it and it's a little verbose for an intro, maybe even self important. That won't be a trend.
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