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Originally posted by Max_Tab
When I got to 10th Grp in 99 it was right after the 5 long years of doing Bosnia rotations, and everyone was saying how much skill was lost Grp wide after not doing WET for 5 years.
I dunno if it's perishable, or not but there was a lot of playing catch up the next couple years.
You know 3rd BN really got hosed during that time. I think they picked up every winter rotation to BH. In 1998 we closed downtthe houses in MND-SW and MND-SE and dropped the requirement to a company rotation, but also picked up Kosovo the next year.

I dont think 2nd BN failed to do a WET with at least 2 companies the entire time I was here on my first tour. I dont think that has been kept up while I was at SWC. I didnt ski for the entire 3 years at SWC and still manged to be in ski group 2 when I returned. I had no experience skiing when I initially came to 10th group and learned the old 1/10 POI from Joe Butler. I guess that just shows there are a lot of newer guys that havent been exposed to it.

I doubt the guys here now could complete some of the treks we did 8-10 years ago, simply because they've been busy doing other things and havent had the time in the mountains. A couple years of mileage would fix that, but I dont think inthe present situation that will ever happen.



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