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Heres my take on CWT......

We havent done hard challenging WET exercises in years. We've already lost the Craig Truskeys, Gavin Sullivans, and Rich Fergesons.......I doubt there are very many guys left in 10th group that have planned an extensive winter warfare exercise, or that has challenged themselves by surviving for 20+ days in that environment. Today we have far too many other skills that must be maintained. I think we continue to try to do this purely for historical reasons.

On anohter note, It takes up an enourmous portion of our annual training budget and what do we really get out of it? 3 weeks of instructor ski train up, 2-3 weeks of combined downhill training, a week or so of decentralized training, and maybee an FTX if all works out well.

2/10 spent $180,000 to take one SF company, HHC, and one team from another company skiing at Keystone this past year. There was NO FTX because of ongoing mission requirements. After this budget was allocated that left $6000 per company to use for training funds. $6000? I took a trip to Cp Gurnsey, WY for heavy wpns training that cost the company $4500 and the MOST team used the rest for its snowmobile training. I cant help but think that money could be better spent on combat related skills than on downhill skiing.

When I look at the other groups sending guys to each class the Rod Hall or Griffon group runs, as well as the shooting schools teams go throug together with Mid-south and Thunder Ranch, it really makes it hard for me to understand how we can spend that amount of money to go skiing and leave our guys cut short when they get into a gunfight downrange....

just my .02



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