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Re: Perishable skills...

Originally posted by troy2k
Well, I got to 1/10 in January, and learned the "A" in A Co. really stands for Africa.
I got to Group for the second time in August 79 and in Jan 81 I got an all expense trip to Africa that was supposed to be for 6 weeks that lasted 11 months. Got back just in time to go to CWT in Vermont for a month. Biggest adaptation was trying to reacclimatize myself. Never had a problem with maintaining the CWT skills, but I would be concerned about language and other area orientation skills that have little to do with deployments outside of your normal AO. Language can be maintained with a little effort and depending on what your missions are I would be more concerned about the medics and commo folk getting a chance to maintain their skills if it is not part of the mission profile for your fun trip in the Sahel.

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