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Originally posted by The Reaper

LTC George Brown?

SGM Pete Garner was one of the finest NCOs I ever served with.

Yes that would be him.... Bald head and all. I had staff duty one evening and he saw what I brought for reading material. He made a comment about not having yet read the book and I told him he could borrow it after I was done. Whow was I to say "no." It eventually morphed into him and Maj. Bennet both using the library in my barracks room.

Allowing him to use my books did have its advantages, though. He made an erroneous and incorrect comment about my communications to my team during a trip to LA. When we jumped back into Bragg he was on the DZ and when he came up to me I picked him up and made it look like I was going to body-slam him into the DZ. Scared the shit out of him.

There was also a Major (the new Co. Comm.) on the DZ that I had never seen before. He was talking to my Tm Ldr and asked after he saw me rough up Ltc Brown, "Who is signed for that asshole?" My Tm Ldr laughed and said, "You are sir!" Major Seitz (Spike) told me later that he saw his military career flash before his eyes as I lifted Brown over my head.

SGM Pete Garner was one of the best I had ever known. He never ceased to amaze me. Just when you thought that you had him figured out he would surprise the hell out of you. I was so sorry to have heard of his death. I wish that I had know for I surely would have been there for his funeral.
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