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I understand the OP is FTFSI. However, for others in the same boat, most ACLS,PHTLS, BLS, PALS, etc, can be recertified online for money. Unless an organization requires AHA classes, which most do not, you can take all these classes online for a fee, and regain your certification. If you have the around $1000 bucks to shell out to totally recert, it is an option. As an example, where I currently work we do an in house version of BLS/ACLS, called ART(advanced Resuscitation Therapy) however CRNA programs require an up to date ACLS and BLs cert. I went online and recertified all those certs. It was expensive up front, roughly around a $1000 dollars, but my institution is union and reimbursed me. Maybe this will help some of our lapsed 18Ds get their shit updated.
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