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Originally Posted by koz View Post
Let's hit this topic first. I'm sure your husband/boyfriend is every bit the stud in your eyes. He may be a stud at his old unit. There are several "studs," "Rangers," "hardened combats vets," etc... that will not make it thru selection. I'm not saying he won't but a LOT of people don't make it.

Is your guy a 18x, prior service, Rep-63 NG or regular National Guard? Are you married to him? This will / can change a few things..

After SFAS a SF-candidate will get a Q-course date, language & MOS assignment. When I went thru, it could be months after SFAS. I got lucky and got a date almost immediately. I'd assume it is the same now. It could be a couple weeks after SFAS.

I would hope he would not ask for leave between SFAS & the Course. Starting the Q-course needs to be his primary goal. He will PCS (permanent change of station) to Ft. Bragg for the Course. If you are married you can PCS with him.

There are several times where you will not be able to see him during the Q-course (the field phases), but there are lots of times he will be available to be "home" during training (language, some parts of MOS). There are some weekends he can put in for a weekend pass, some times he'll be free during weekend days, and sometimes he'll be tied up.

My biggest suggestion assuming he makes it to the Course- BE SUPPORTIVE. It's a tough life for spouses and the course will / should come first for him. If you're not planning to move to Bragg, then plan to visit him there. Get a hotel, take him to a nice dinner, etc... But yes, you'll be able to see him during parts of the Q-course.

Here are a couple links that may answer some questions as well.

Hope this helps.

That helps myself as well. My wife was wondering about us seeing each other throughout the "Q" course.
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