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Originally Posted by FldDoc View Post
Great post Gypsy. I wasn't able to watch but reading the Obama camp claim that McCain wasn't truly isolated and had listened to Obama's questions and responses is evidence enough that McCain blew him out of the water.

I'm not in the states right now but I do know Obama said that the U.N. Security council should pass a resolution to end the violence. It's painfully obvious he doesn't know Russia has Veto power. So how did the US news report this? Did they at all?
That was some unbelieveable press right just can't make that stuff up.

I don't believe the media reported that at all...unless I missed it while I was looking for my rose colored glasses.

The irony of this statement just kills me:

The candidates were asked which U.S. Supreme Court justice would they have not nominated. Obama responded saying Clarence Thomas, claiming he wasn’t experienced enough.
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