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Try for SF now or later?

This may be ill advised for me to ask here but its been on my mind alot latly.

I have wanted to go SF for as long as I can remember, and I still do; just not right now. I feel I need a little more job and life experience. However I've talked to a few SF guys in the past and pretty much all of them have said just do it. If its what you want why wait, you'll get all the experience and traiining that you will need/ want.

I've been thinking alot about trying to get into either CA or the 160th SOAR, gain experience and training there and then try for SF.

The more I think about it I think I would enjoy CA more than SOAR as I really enjoyed my year in korea (although not all the time). I loved learning a diffrent language and being able to go from english to korean to tagalog to russian and back. Although my knowledge of each being very limited. Really wish I had tried to learn more while I had the chance to use it. And I loved our katusa's.

So I guess I'd just like some advice from people who have maybe had the same questions when they decided to go.

thanks for the help..
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