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A different discussion on deployments

Apolagies if this is in the wrong thread, I figured here or General Discussion might be the best, please move if needed.
On topic, I was wondering how you QPs with families and wives/girlfriends handle the stress of deployments. I know the Army has put a ton of effort into family support groups, but what else have you personally done "behind the scenes" to help ease the tension and stress?
A little background, my unit is gearing up for a year long deployment (not sure exactly how much I'm allowed to say because of opsec), but it's not to Iraq, Aghanistan, or any of the "hot spots". I can tell my family is a little stressed out, but they're not saying too much - at least not to me. My father was 22 years military, so they're a little used to deployments. My girlfriend (serious relationship, year and a half) on the other hand, has been driving me bonkers. She's in the Guard, but hasn't been for that long and hasn't delt with any deployments.

What does a QP, or any soldier for that matter, do to help ease the stress and nervousness for all parties involved in a deployment?

Thank you,
PFC Fonz
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