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2/19th Contact Info

Contact me via PM, or email me, if you want more information! Hopefully we can make this a sticky....

For Special Forces qualified individuals (Officers and Enlisted):

SFC Cordova (Camp Dawson) (C Co, 2/19th) (304)329-3339

Det 1 (Kenova) (304)453-3891.

For non-quals interested in Special Forces

Det 1, 2/19th SFG(A)
Kenova, WV

MSG Wilkinson (304)539-4103

B Co, 2/19th
Whitehall, OH (Colombus area)

I don't have any info for them, if anyone here does, feel free to offer it up.

C Co, 2/19th
Camp Dawson
Kingwood, WV

For more information about C/2/19 and the training team, contact Geraldo18Z on this forum
Ut Prosim

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