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2/19th SFGA Training Team (West Virginia)

Just FYI... as of 2013-03-05
The West Virginia Training team has instituted a pre-assessment and pre-screen prior to anyone enlisting into or transferring into the unit. We are doing this quarterly with a max number of participants of 24. We conducted this event quarterly. (Dates TBD) Event is conducted in Kenova, WV where billeting is available. The state is monitoring our overall strenghth of the BN, so slots are tight.

Contacts for the entire training team (Kenova, WV & Camp Dawson, WV) are as follows:

2/19th SFGA BN Recruiters ( covers Training Team, Support Company, HQ Det, and C Company)
SFC Chad Doughty/SSG James Holley
Cell: 304-687-0308 (Best Contact) SFC Doughty
Cell: 304-360-4231 (Best Contact) SSG Holley
SFC Chad Doughty
2/19th SFG (A)
Recruiting & Retention NCO
Cell: 304-687-0308

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